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YAYA Olive Wood Narrow Board

YAYA Olive Wood Narrow Board

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YAYA Olive Wood Narrow Board, a unique and artisanal addition to your kitchen is crafted with care and precision, this board embraces the natural quirks and beauty of olive wood.

Handcrafted with real olive wood from sustainable sources, this board embodies the artisanal and ethical values we hold dear at YAYA. The natural grain and character of olive wood make each board unique, turning it into a special and cherished addition to your kitchen.

Whether you use it as a cheese platter, a stylish serving board for fruits and terrines, or an everyday chopping board, the YAYA Olive Wood Narrow Board brings a touch of the Mediterranean to your culinary experiences.


100% sustainably sourced and ethically hand-made olive wood


Approximately 37 cm in length and 15 cm in width


Hand wash only, and occasionally coat with olive oil to preserve the wood's natural beauty and prevent drying.

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