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Lavender Pouch

Lavender Pouch

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Introducing our Lavender Pouches – a fragrant touch of relaxation and elegance for your everyday life. Encased in a cylinder, organic cotton sleeve, these pouches are filled with organic lavender, carefully hand crafted in Thessaloniki, each 15 cm in length.

Improve your daily routine by placing these lavender sachets between your clothes to give a touch of relaxation to your clothes throughout a stressful day, under your pillow before bed to start your rest ritual or even on your forehead for a few minutes to help you meditate before bed each night.

The organic, authentic lavender scent not only imparts a delicious fragrance to your clothes, but also serves as a natural, calming sleep aid. Lavender is renowned for its sleep-inducing properties, as these sachets are proven to be the perfect complement to your bedtime ritual: a touch of nature's tranquility woven into the fabric of your daily life.


100% organic cotton pouch
100% organic lavender handmade in Thessaloniki


15 cm x 4 cm x 1 cm


Wipe gently with a damp cloth.

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