Marketing & Operations Intern

Role Description

This is a part-time online role with opportunities to travel. As our Chief Marketing Officer, you will lead our Marketing Department and drive our overall brand strategy. You will oversee market planning, research, public relations, marketing management and sales. You will also collaborate with other departments to ensure alignment with our brand pillars and mission.


Key Responsibilities:

  • Content Creation: Develop engaging and compelling content for various digital platforms (Instagram, website, Pinterest, TikTok), including social media, blogs, and newsletters.
  • Social Media Management: Assist in planning, executing, and analysing social media campaigns to enhance brand visibility and engagement.
  • SEO Optimization: Work on optimising content for search engines to improve online discoverability.
  • Campaign Analytics: Monitor and analyse the performance of digital marketing campaigns using relevant tools and platforms.
  • Collaboration: Collaborate with cross-functional teams to align strategies with overall marketing goals.
  • Shopify Website: Ensure our online presence is up to date and reflective of our marketing strategies by keeping our website up-to-date with new releases, product descriptions, and eye-catching visuals.
  • Artisan Search: Conduct research to identify artisans in the Mediterranean, aligning with GREYMINT's commitment to showcasing craftsmanship, to develop new product lines.
  • Research & Development: Conduct comprehensive researches on product related fields such as: exploring vegan leather production, properties, and sustainability; analysing and comparing different payment systems in the market; list of artisanal associations, events, fairs, and funding opportunities in the Mediterranean.
  • Shipping Calculations: Calculate shipping costs with delivery providers for certain product categories and markets.
  • Logistics and Delivery Support: Provide assistance and support on logistics and delivery processes. 



  • Hands-on experience in a dynamic startup environment.
  • Exposure to the exciting world of e-commerce and sustainable creations.
  • Collaborative and energetic work environment.


How to Apply:

Please send your resume and a brief cover letter to Please use the subject line: Marketing & Operations Intern Application – Your Name.


Join GREYMINT and be part of a team dedicated to bringing quality, sustainability, and the beauty of the Mediterranean worldwide!