Winter Essentials: A Gift Guide

Winter Essentials: A Gift Guide


Gifting isn't always easy, but we've found that focusing on the emotion you wish to convey with your gift can make it simpler. We all seek gifts that warm our hearts, especially amidst the winter chill. If you're in need of a little extra help, we've got you. We've curated a selection of our exquisite winter essentials. Each piece embodies our commitment to sustainability, quality, and timeless design. Explore our winter essentials to discover the perfect gift that reflects your appreciation and care.



1. Midnight Strap in Spigue

Inspired by the captivating hues of Spigue, this phone strap adds a unique sophistication to winter outfits. 

Ethically crafted in the Mediterranean from recycled materials.


2. Riva Pestemal

Woven with care using 100% natural, sustainably-sourced cotton.

Soft, lightweight, and highly absorbent, they are the perfect companions to elevate your travels and routines.


3. Antiparos Strap

Crafted from sustainably sourced and recycled materials.

Inspired by the natural habitat of Aegean island roosters, Antiparos.

Handmade with care.

4. Vejer Throw

Carefully crafted from recycled and natural materials.

Soft but also thick and durable,  versatile for various scenery: lay them on your table under a spread of tapas, or simply wrap yourself for some warmth.

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